Luke's jerky

Locally produced in Calgary Alberta, our secret ingredient is love!

We hand-make our beef jerky in small batches. Each piece of jerky is inspected by hand to ensure a perfectly tender bite every time.

All of our original recipes are HEALTHY! Gluten free, low sodium, low sugar, and packed with protein.
We use only the finest ingredients, like extra lean AAA certified Alberta beef, cut right from the roast. 
Hard work and wholesome ingredients make our beef jerky the best - honest to goodness!
* Small Batch Artisan Beef Jerky
* 100% AAA Alberta Beef
* Handmade
* Cut From the Roast 
* No Binders / Fillers
* Local & Organic Ingredients
* Gluten Free
* Dairy Free
* Low Sodium
* High Protein
* Low Sugar
* Keto Jerky / Sugar Free beef jerky available
* made in Calgary Alberta Canada

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